Saturday, November 20, 2010

DIY: Easy Thanksgiving Favors

Aren't these cornucopia's sophisticated and elegant? Cornucopia's are easy to make and are a great addition to table decor for the Thanksgiving meal. Heather Bullard shares how to make them on her blog Heather Bullard.

Edible cornucopia....

 Ingredients: sugar cones, ribbon, decorator’s icing, fruit shaped candy or cereal, dollies.
Method: Tie a piece of 8-12” ribbon around the opening of the cone.  Write the name of each guest on the side of the cone.  Place the cone on a doily-covered saucer.  Fill it with candies.  Fill it to the point where it is spilling out the opening the cone. 

How about make your own chocolate cornucopia? Sounds yummy.
HOLLOW CORNUCOPIA (SOLID) Thanksgiving Candy Mold Chocolate

Thanksgiving decor
Jim Shore HARVEST CORNUCOPIA Horn of Plenty NIB 4008903

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