Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Owl-O-Ween

Sweet Owl-O-Ween party for a little girl, Madison. Michelle from Maddy Cakes came up with this darling owl themed Halloween party for her daughter.

Michelle says, "Chocolate dipped pretzels are really easy to do. I found this great basket at Saver's ~local thrift store. I always check out the great deals at local thrift stores. You can find such amazing and inexpensive items you can use for your entertaining and parties.
I simply typed the names of food onto cardstock then used a lighter to burn the edges and completed by stamping owls and branches. I used the pine cones to hold food labels keeping with the whole "woodland" theme." More photos at MaddyCakes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Modern Farm Birthday Party

Anneliese created this super sweet modern farm party for her little girl Scarlett. Anneliese says, "We celebrated Scarlett's second birthday with a "Modern Farm" party--a cleaner, updated take on the farm theme with a little of the apple harvest season mixed in. Scarlett, not uniquely, made all the barnyard animal noises before she started articulating words, and "Big Red Barn" is her favorite bedtime read, so if she could have named the theme for her second birthday party I think "farm" really would have been it."

Simply illustrated farm invites.

Buttonhole napkin ties = adorable!!

Loving the animal silhouette table cloth. Farm style brunch is a great idea for a food spread.
Anneliese: The table was set with child-sized bamboo plates, individual bottles of milk (repurposed Frappuccino bottles) with Modern Farm labels (see below), and favor baskets at each place. I used wood pint-sized baskets (what happened to these? they are so great!) and filled them with a plastic farm animal, an old-fashioned lollipop in green apple or cherry, and an apple tagged with a thank you card (see below for printables).

 For more info, free printables and photos visit

Big Red Barn Big Book

45'' Wide Oil Cloth Gingham Kiwi Green Fabric By The Yard

One Dozen Peck or Apple Baskets With Wooden Spool Handle


Polybag Farm Collection (pig, ram, horse, cow, goat)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween: Whimsical Witch Legs

Striped stocking witch legs hang from the ceiling to make a whimsical centerpiece for my Witches Tea Party.  The black umbrella creates the look of the bottom of a witches dress with "crinoline" (fluffy underskirt) added to complete the look of a dress! It's impossible to make witch legs without adding the iconic black boots.  I love the look of the skinny, bumpy legs and large witches feet! Tutorial: how to make whimsical witch legs....

Stuff a pair of black and orange striped stockings with batting (it will be lumpy).

Simplicity Traditional Loft Quilt Batting-Full Size 81 Inch X96 Inch

Draw the outline of witches boots onto black fabric (chalk is easy to draw on dark fabrics). Make sure to make the boots large - when stuffing and sewing they shrink in size.

To create the look of crinoline - I used black tulle. I cut pieces approximately 20 inches long.

I snapped off the umbrella handle - easy to do considering this is a dollar store umbrella. Tie the stockings onto the spokes of the umbrella.

Tie the tulle onto the umbrella spoke.

 This is the umbrella turned upside down with all the tulle tied onto the umbrella.

Adult Orange and Black Striped Panty Hose

Halloween Adult Costume Accessories Polka Dot Petticoat Short Skirt Slip Fluffy Underskirt Crinoline Leg Avenue One Size, Black

Tulle Bolt (54"x50yd-Black 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kids Rooms: Eclectic Vintage and Antiques

Estate sales, garage sales, flea markets are all great places to discover deals on vintage or antique furniture. I've gather a selection of images that show the appeal of vintage kids rooms.

image from Cookie mag