Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiny Belles Boutique Adorable Tutus

Tiny Belles Boutique creates adorable tutus for costumes, portrait sessions, birthdays, gifts, dance recitals, parties, fairies, everyday… and for the dress up box, too!

Made with a durable elastic waist band, they are made for play (tested on my my own 4 year old!!) Between 20 and 150 yards of tulle goes into each tutu, making them fluffy and perfect for whirling, twirling and all other princess activities!

Tiny Belles has their first ever customer appreciation event going on.  Check out their site for more details about giveaways, tutorials, discounts, etc on their blog.

Pure sweetness : )

Tiny Belles Boutique is also making custom stamped jewelry.  If you are looking for a beautiful, custom gift for someone you love, a custom hand stamped necklace is perfect for! All pieces are personally hand stamped and antiqued. I love this necklace!!

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