Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wall of Frames

A wall of frames is such a great focal point for a wall.  Amber from Classicly Amber created this terrific focal point at the end of a hall. Wouldn't this be fun in a kids room, play room, etc?

Amber thoughts on places to find frames:

Other rooms of your home,
Someone else’s home (if they are changing out their decor, that is; I don’t recommend just taking their mess off the walls. Swap meet, anyone?),
Salvation Army,
Crappy Junk/Antique Stores (seriously, just keep checking the um, less fabulous ones because they will be cheaper there!),
CraigsList, etc.
Yard Sales
Craft Stores (when they go on sale and when you have a coupon!)

For tips on hanging frames check out Classicly Amber

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