Friday, April 23, 2010

Treats for Kids Parties

These sweet "ice cream" cones are actually Rice Krispie treats inside a cone and dipped in melted  Pink Candy Coatings with candy sprinkles on top.  For complete instructions visit here.

 Jelly boats are a hit with kids.  The orange has been scooped out of the skin - leaving the skin to fill  with jello.

 Here's what they look like before they are sliced. Instructions and recipe found here - via here.
I've also made the watermelon jello version. Cute the watermelon in half - scoop out the watermelon pulp and pour the jello inside the shell. Let set and slice in to quarters. Guests love them. 

Clown hats filled with smarties. Party Bags 4"X9" 50/Pkg - Clear

Marshmallow topped cones with fizzy sherbet filling. I loved sherbet as a child - Darrell Lea from Australia makes the best : ) 

Paper cones filled with treats.

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