Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Party, Crafts & Ideas

Tanya from Save the Date for Cupcakes created this sweet valentines party for her family. Most of the items are DIY and from the $ bin at Michaels.  Tanya gives step-by-step instructions on the beautiful Valentine topiary tutorial

Thanks for sharing such a cute party!!

More fun valentine ideas, creative crafts and food.....

Cupcake liner wreath from Tatertots and Jello

Love Sacks made by Crafty Sisters

Cute Valentine ideas

A jar full of love 

 For "Crayon" Out Loud

ipod valentines via How Does She

Digital tickets

Here are some ideas for wives to do for their husbands. Most of these could also work for kids -

His favorite candy bar under his pillow
Put a passionate love note in his wallet , lunch bag, day planner or brief case
Heart Attack: tiny paper hearts taped to his closet door, or closet floor
Heart Shaped Pizza for dinner
Make his favorite sandwich and surprise him at work
A big lipstick heart drawn on the mirror
A red or pink balloon tied to his car door handle
A coupon for a back or foot rub
A heart shaped soap for his shower or sink
Breakfast in bed
Cook his favorite dinner; serve it by candle light; and if possible, have it with just the two of you
A hand-made valentine card expressing your love
Candy kisses sprinkled on his side of the bed or in his car
Make him his favorite dessert or cookies
A love note tucked in his church shirt pocket
Fill his car with red and pink balloons while it's at work
A kiss imprint on his car window
Wash his car for him, or do another of his regular around the house chores for him
Offer him an entire day to do just as he wishes
A picture of you in a cute frame for his desk or night stand
From the Idea Door

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