Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls Room: Stripes And Polka Dots

Julia Konya designed this sweet toddler bedroom for her little girl.  The colors are perfect and I love the black and white polka dot accents throughout the room.

What gave you the idea for the room? Anything special that inspired you?
The room just evolved when I picked the paint. This is pretty much the room that I always wanted but never had and it is still a work in progress. I didn't want a theme room where I have one specific thing/character everywhere and that's why I only have the pictures of "Hello Kitty" and if they are removed, the room could be something else. That is also the reason why I placed the black and white patterns strategically throughout the room, because the paint on the walls could be changed and it would always match.

What is the wall paint color? Any do-it-yourself projects?
The paint is Behr paint from Home Depot: Hopeful 690 A-2, Sweet Taffy 690 A-3, Honeydew 410 A-3 and I tinted the darker green myself, because I didn't like the original darker green that I brought home.
I found the headboard on a walk and picked it out of the garbage, I filled the cracks, sanded it and painted it. Then I made a matching bed skirt out of striped fabric and attached it with velcro. I painted the lamp that I had in my attic and made a matching green lampshade.I painted the birds on the wire with fabric paint on a pillow that I made. With Adobe Illustrator I was able to create the Hello Kitty pictures.

Please share any bedding, art, furniture finds? What's your favorite purchase? Any interesting facts our readers would want to know?
The bookshelves, flower lights (I painted the center with plastic spray paint) and chandelier (shades are from Home Depot) are from Ikea. Since the pictures were taken I have found nicer storage containers to replace the baskets at Ikea in black and pink. The remaining polka-dot storage containers are from Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross. The polka-dot duvet is from pottery barn teen.

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