Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creative Playroom

Tiffany Palm shared her adorable kids playroom with us. Check out all the cool ideas....

What gave you the idea for the room? Anything special that inspired you?
When we bought our house the basement was totally unfinished. Now that our children are old enough to play without constant supervision we decided to give them their own space (and move them out of ours!).   Most of the toys have been moved down there now! I was inspired by many things. I found much inspiration on Design Dazzle along with various children's catalogs and design websites. When I was little my dad built a playhouse for my sister, brother and I under our stairs and I knew I had to do the same for my kids!

Clever costume storage.

What is the wall paint color? Any do-it-yourself projects?
This was a very budget friendly project. We did most of the work ourselves (learning a lot along the way!). I painted the walls white and then used various leftover paint colors that I have used elsewhere in my house to accent the walls. I used an overhead projector to project images onto the wall, traced them with a pencil and then painted them. The rain gutter bookshelves were a very popular post on the Design Dazzle website and when I saw them I knew I had to use them to create a reading corner!

Please share any bedding, art, furniture finds? What's your favorite purchase?  Any interesting facts our readers would want to know?
The curtains for the stage area are actually wall tapestries that I found on clearance at Target when the back to school items went on clearance. I sewed tabs on the top and hung them from inexpensive PVC pipe. I love that even though it is a basement with very little natural light, it is bright and cheery and a happy place for kids to play! We are still adding to it (artwork, some mirrors for dress up and a bigger and better kitchen area). I will send in more pictures when we are done! :)

Thanks Tiffany for sharing such a creative space!!

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