Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 Trends to Love for the Nursery

GUEST POST:  A warm welcome to Priscila from Little Miss Heirlooms (rediscovered vintage fun for your little one). Priscila recently started her fabulous blog and has quite a following. About her blog: "At Little Miss Heirlooms we strive to provide authentic vintage pieces that can be easily incorporated into a child's living space. We encourage thinking "outside the box" when decorating a nursery, toddlers room or playroom in order to make a child's space as whimsical and magical as possible!"

Hi Everyone! This is Priscila from Little Miss Heirlooms! I am super excited to share 5 trends I'm loving for decorating your child's space!
Image via Decorpad

Adding a sheepskin rug or throw can transform a nursery space  and make it look and feel so comfy! Using sheepskin is an accessory many designers like to use because  it adds a soft texture to a room which is so appropriate for a nursery. My favorite sheepskin throw can be found here via Ikea. For only $40 you can get a quality and beautiful sheepskin rug which can be used as a throw also!

Maps are such a fun items to us in a nursery, room or playroom because they come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors and you can find them relatively cheap! You can frame maps on the wall as cheap art, decoupage them on a favorite stool or chair or even make a one of a kind lampshade from a vintage map via this tutorial.

Images: Nursery, Monster
Teach your kids that monsters aren't scary by adding one of these super cute "ugly dolls" to their space. Yes, they are really called "ugly dolls." Maybe because they are so ugly they are cute? :)

Watch out Grandma, the old craft of embroidering isn't just yours anymore! Have you seen this trend pop up everywhere? You can get embroidery hoops at any thrift store for next to nothing and personalize your child's space with them. My favorite DIY project using the embroidery hoops is this butterfly mobile DIY!

Wallpaper can make such a huge statement in a room! This is my favorite trend right now for the nursery or your child's space because there are so many patterns to choose from. Whether you like more of a modern look or vintage there is wallpaper to match all tastes! I am planning on wallpapering my son's room as I turn his nursery into a "big" boys room!

What are the trends you love right now for decorating? What are the trends you wish would just go away?

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