Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Designing Kids Rooms Using the Color Wheel: Monochromatic Scheme

In two previous posts, we explored using complimentary and analogous color schemes as inspiration when designing kids rooms.

Another color tool  to use is called a monochromatic scheme. In this scheme, one color is used predominantly, but that color can vary in "tone". "Tone" is the amount of black or white that is added to a basic hue. Basically, it is how dark or light a color is. 
Some examples:

Take a look at the following rooms to see how ONE color is used to create great spaces for kids:
Bright Pink.
( House and Home)

NO matter what color scheme you decide to use for designing your child's room, make sure that it is a space that reflects your child's imagination and is a place they love to be!

Interior Design Color Wheel Helps You Harmonize Your Interior Design Projects. 

Bazzill 9-Inch Monochromatic Color Wheel 

Autumn Clemons is an Interior Designer
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