Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FREE Santa Video Message Personalized For Your Child

Oh my gosh - this is so COOL!! It's a personalized video message for your child from Santa and guess what? It's FREE. I filled out a simple check list form and made a silly version for my daughter Jamie. From that check list form, a short movie clip is made for your child with Santa personally speaking to your kid. Santa mentions he is in the North Pole.

Upload a photo of your child and when Santa opens a book to check his naughty or nice list your child's photo will appear in his book with also a few extra details.

On the form - you check what state you live in. As you can see, there is a map shown with your child's name and approximate location. It's helpful that Santa knows where you live : )

I checked a box that says my daughter is working on having less tantrums this year (she's 14 ; ) ) Here's what Santa said: "I see here that you've been trying really hard to stop *throwing tantrums* I'm very proud of you. You need to keep it up - as you know nothing gets past Santa". As I mentioned, this was a silly one I made. I'm having way too much fun with this!! Would you like to make a video for your spouse? There also is a version for adults. To make your own version - go here. This doesn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes to make - but you will have so much fun making one you'll want to make them for all your family and friends. So beware - this could take along time.

UPDATE:  This is a repost from last year. The video is still free...it is a different video from last year...it is still awesome!

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