Friday, November 5, 2010

The Queen Bee's Birthday

Loralee from No Fuss Fabulous has done it again...a beautiful birthday party for her little girl Vienna. It's a Queen Bee theme with yellow, white, orange and green decor and of course, items related to bees! Aren't these flower nectar drinks the cutest!? 

A stunning backdrop...I just love this! The party was held at a local park complete with a beautiful dresser and FABULOUS decor.
Loralee says, " Each little girl got a basket with little treats on her plate.  I then served the bee guests Cheese sandwiches on Honey Wheat bread.  I was going to do peanut butter sandwiches with honey, but with all the peanut allergies these days it really wasn’t worth the risk. Cheese sandwiches are three-year old friendly and have nothing to do with peanuts.  After they ate, I had V’s guests take their little baskets and buzz around the park to find flowers (dandelions!)."

Queen Bee invitations available here

The Queen's Hive is an A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E...yummy birthday cake!!

Vienna gave each of guest’s mommies a little jar of honey labeled, “Thank you for bee-ing here.” Check out Loralee's fun reading blog No Fuss Fabulous for more "fabulous" ideas.

Here's some more Bee party ideas....
Bumble Bee Crystal Pendant Necklace W/ Velour Gift Box

Bee Queen Costume

Sequin Bee Antenna Headband                                           100 HONEY STIX 
Sequin Bee Antenna Headband                                 100 HONEY STIX

  Yellow & White Check 52" X 70" Economy Plus Vinyl Tablecloth                                                               Candy Stripe Yellow Beverage Napkins

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