Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Orange and Blue Harvest Party

Posted by Kelly Porter

This time of year, many parents are gearing up for big Halloween Parties. I've also discovered that many other parents are planning Harvest Parties, but it's not always easy to find party ideas and decor for the latter. So, in the post I'm sharing my Harvest Party Dessert Tables, set against a backdrop of orange burlap.

The colors were inspired by a vintage, hand-printed quatrefoil pattern that I used to design the Party Printables. I love using orange and blue together. For an autumn celebration -- when warm hues dominate -- using blue is an unexpected surprise.

I made the candy topiaries by hot-gluing candy corn to a styrofoam ball {this took about one large bag of candy corn for each topiary, and tons of hot glue sticks}. I left a bare patch at the bottom of each ball so I could perch them on top of large Saratoga water bottles, which are cobalt-blue and so pretty!

One last idea: these mini-birdcages are $1.00 {yes, one buck!} at Michael's. Fill them up with candy or whatever you'd like, and give them as gifts.

If you think you're running out of time to host a Harvest Party, keep in mind that it's a celebration of the Fall season. Set your date for sometime in November -- and candy will be on sale!

You can find the printable tags and labels seen in this post at my new
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