Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Make A Cupcake Stand

how to make a cupcake standA cupcake stand is a perfect way to display your cupcakes. I've included instructions on how to make a quick and easy cupcake stand.


10" and 13" cake boards or (thin wood cutout)
1/2 yard fabric for bottom cupcake layer
1/3 yard fabric for top cupcake layer
2 1/4 yards ribbon
fabric glue
couple (pvc pipe) purchased at Home Depot $2

spray paint
how to make a cupcake standStep 1: Cut fabric a little larger than the board and attach to the board with glue or spray adhesive. I happened to sew elastic around the fabric edges and "slip covered" the board. I couldn't find a cardboard cake board without scalloped edges (which won't work with the ribbon trim), so I jigsawed 2 circles out of very thin pressed wood. How many "layers" to the cupcake stand will depend on how many of these boards you will make and decorate. I made 2 boards - 10" and 13". You could also use wrapping paper instead of fabric to cover the boards.

diy cupcake standStep 2: Place board on a cake stand (cake pedestal) and attach ribbon to the edges of the cake board with fabric glue.

how to make a cupcake standStep 3: I spray painted a piece of PVC pipe fitting a bright pink. This PVC fitting is called a couple and needed no cutting - it is for the center to hold up the next cake board. Instead of spray paint, you could wrap the pipe with ribbon and use glue to adhere the ribbon to the pipe.

Step 4: Assemble pieces on top of one another - make sure to center it. I did not glue the middle coupling piece to the board. If you would like more support, you might want to glue this coupling to the board. I made my cupcake stand so you can easily store it and also redecorate it for the next event.

This size cupcake stand holds 14-20 regular size cupcakes. If you need a cupcake stand to hold more cupcakes, start with a large layer base and add 3 layers. Can you tell this was made for a Luau party?

An inexpensive way to add cupcake toppers is to use hanging string decorations. This was purchased at the dollar store and each hibiscus flower was cut from the string. I ended up with 42 cupcake toppers for $1.

Hope you like the cupcake stand tutorial. REPOST : )

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