Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creative Closet: Wizard/Harry Potter Theme

What to do with the interior of a long, narrow awkward space closet? Paint a cool mural and make it a fun hideout for your kids to enjoy. Morgan from Murals By Morgan says this, "This large closet was the brain child of two very creative children. The girl wanted to have the mural feel like you were inside a tree house in a community of tree houses. The boy wanted a wizards den, and many of the interesting details came out of his ideas. The fish tank was for the youngest brother, who didn’t talk much but had a fascination with fish. The result: A creative hideout that all the kids can enjoy. "

The mural gives sort of a Harry Potter feel.

Items to help decorate a wizard's space....

Owl in a Cage

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Poster Movie 11x17

Harry Potter Wand with Illuminating Tip (Replica)

Harry Potter NECA TriWizard Cup Lamp

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