Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pirate Party Palooza

My favorite hobby is to decorate party tables. Treasures and Tiaras out of South Africa have demonstrated quite a knack for table decor. Here's their over-the-top pirate table.  Stunning....hey?

Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming is so creative. Here's the invitations and a few other things she designed for her little boys pirate party. Stephanie says, "The invitation itself I designed in a publishing program and printed on kraft paper. The edges were burned for an authentic feel then the invitation was rolled up, tied with jute and placed in the bottle. The jute tie was long enough that it stuck out of the top of the bottle so our guests could easily remove the invitation. We were able to hand deliver most of these but still had to mail out a few. {The post office will mail these as is...I just had to seal the lids on with a piece of clear packing tape} The label on the front was simply printed with the address information."

Chelsea from Room to Inspire created a totally awesome party for her little guys. Check out her party images.

I just noticed her quote on the wall above her darling table display "Family a journey to forever"...I'm gonna steal that idea for my photo hallway ; )

The talented and wonderful Kendra came up with this clever pirate ship mast.

Pirate ideas from here.

Kristin Bishop shows how-to make pirate swords.  Kristin is one talented girl!

 Another incredible pirate table scape. Great ideas for adult pirate table decorating ideas. Leave out candles for any kids parties - unless they are these or these.

More fun pirate ideas at Craft Susanita. 

Pirate Party Decor and more....

Plastic Skull and Crossbones Invitations in a Bottle
Pirate Bottle Invitations

Pirate Birthday Party Cupcake Set by Meri Meri
                                                                                             Pirate Cupcake Set

Pirate Ship Birthday Party Centerpiece By Meri Meri
Pirate Ship Birthday Party Centerpiece By Meri Meri

Pirate Party Plates & Napkins By Meri Meri
Pirate Party Plates & Napkins By Meri Meri

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