Monday, August 30, 2010

The Humble Mason Jar

Invented in 1858 by John L. Mason, these babies have come a long way from the common use of canning for preservation of food!

Mason Jars are so versatile, here are just a few ways you can use them;

1) A Vase for flowers

2) A Cup - fill with lemonade or juice, add some colour with chopped fruit, tie twine/ribbon around the top then drop in a vintage paper straw.

3) Votive Candle Holders - different size and shape jars arranged on the table as a centrepiece, or a row of the same size jars with votives inside illuminating the garden path or outdoor deck, OR...get really fancy and hang them from the trees like lanterns using a thin wire to tie them up.

4) Party Favors - fill with sweets, a cupcake, or your favourite cookie ingredients for your guest to make at home. Cover the lid with some sweet fabric and secure with twine or ribbon, then add a co-ordinating gift tag.

5) Keepsakes - fill with precious and collected pieces to remind you of an important day, event or a holiday.

Do you have any other creative ways with Mason Jars to share ?

Sarah Thompson, of Style Me Gorgeous, is a featured contributor

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