Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Unbelievable Safari Adventure!

This is for sure the most amazing Safari birthday party I've ever seen!! The animal silhouettes and colors are absolutely perfect for a birthday event.  Loralee from No Fuss Fabulous was the mastermind behind this totally awesome 1st year birthday for her son. Are you trying to come up with birthday ideas for 1st year parties? The Safari theme is perfect for families, girls and boys attending the party, etc.

Deli sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, leopard print and twine. Loving this!

Kids lunch sacks were made ahead of time with healthy foods and snacks.

Inside each favor bag was animal crackers in a cellophane bag.  To save time and effort, Loralee made a bag for each family instead of each guest. Great idea!!

Make sure to check out for more wonderful Safari party ideas and much more! Her blog has lots of "fabulousness"!

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