Friday, July 9, 2010

TV Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen!

How FABULOUS is this? I love the fact that it is a repurposed TV entertainment center. I've seen these entertainment centers sitting in front of homes on the curb with a sign that says, "FREE"!  Amy from Giggleberrry Creations received a fun surprise from her mom and dad - they made this adorable unit for Amy's daughters 2nd birthday.  How lovely!!
Here's the before....


Amy describes some of the process: "A hole was cut in the shelf where the TV once sat and a tap was added. The fridge and freezer were fitted for their doors. Then another coat of paint. Dad removed the entire back of the unit and replaced it as their were holes in the original back for the TV and DVD player cords. The microwave was added to the top corner of the TV space. Then another coat of paint. The microwave and over doors have dark perspex in them to add to the real look. A 'window' was added by placing a photo behind a piece of clear perspex with a frame around it and attaching it to the wall. Mum made curtains and matching tea towels. The stove top is a piece of timber with four coasters glued on it to act as hotplates the four knobs were added down the side of the stove top that all turn so Milla can 'really' cook. Dad even added little baskets to the inside of the fridge door soit looked just like a real fridge. Then with a printed out keypad added for the buttons on the microwave and a few hanging cooking utensils the amazing transformation was complete!!"

WOW!! I love the ingenuity and creativity. Thanks Amy for sharing such a wonderful project. For more photos and details of the repurposed play kitchen.

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