Friday, July 23, 2010

Bunk Room Ideas

What is a bunkroom? It's a room providing usually temporary sleeping quarters. Maybe a summer home, grandma's house, basements, attics, etc...  Where to put everyone? The bunk room can be a perfect solution. These bunk rooms have the dormitory feel with the ability to sleep lots of people. Bunk rooms allow for less wasted space - it's about function. Bunk room images.

Great nautical feel for the bunk room. Nautical bedding.

Life Preserver Throw Pillow - Poly Filled

From here via here.

So how cute is this? Great idea with the little window boxes and lights installed in each box. Notice the curtains for privacy? From here via here.

Lea Kids Deer Run Triple Bunk Bed with 2 Full Beds and Twin Bed Extension

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