Thursday, June 3, 2010

Modern Monster Party

Hello All! Becca from Birthday Girl here with some great inspiration for your 'Monster' of a birthday party theme. Several months ago I created a custom inspiration board for a Modern Monster Party along with suggestions on how to bring this theme to life...

Party Ideas:
Colors: A combo of 3 modern colors (recommended: blue, yellow, orange)
Setting: Indoors at home or local clubhouse, 12-15 kids
Decorations: There are several kinds of modern monsters on the market these days including ugly dolls and fluffels. You can either buy a few plushes or make your own creations out of fleece fabric and use them as the table centerpieces, hanging from bunches of balloons around the room*. Draw monster footprints leading up to your door. Also, create a banner in the style of the invitations and other coordinating details like gift tags, thank you notes etc.
Food: kid friendly lunch foods with fun names (ie: chicken fingers= monster fingers). For dessert, make rice crispy treats with m&ms in blob like 'monster shapes'. or decorate cookies/cupcakes with icing in the theme colors.
Activities: Have the kids craft their own monster (have google eyes and foam shapes etc with glue sticks). Also consider coloring in monsters, pin the body part on the monster, monster mash musical chairs etc.
Favors: *everyone gets to take home one of the plush monsters at the end of the party.
Guest book: Have everyone write messages to the birthday boy in a copy of the tickle monster book.

Here are two different, yet equally charming real party examples submitted to me by readers who used this board to inspire their monster themed birthdays:

Carrie's Modern Monster Bash:

Kate's Very Merry Monsters:

I'm so delighted with the results of these celebrations and I hope they inspire you too.

Thank you Becca (Birthday Girl) for the great post!!

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