Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Bohemian Bedrooms

With a fun mix of colors and cultures, creating a Bohemian Bedroom could be the perfect way to bring out your child's unique personality.

Bohemian spaces are a blend of modern, vintage and global-ethnic furnishings. This look is casual, free flowing and can take your child beyond the expected design boundaries.

As our world "grows smaller," tribal textiles and other ethnic accents are becoming the focus of the Boho style. This gives us the opportunity to teach our children about other cultures, countries and traditions.

Color is also an important element to this style. Vibrant hues such as pink, red, purple and sapphire can be paired with calming earth tones to create a balanced space.

Also, don't forget the art of display. Jewelry, hair accessories and favorite clothing items can be artfully arranged and hung on pretty hooks or hangers.

{headband from etsy; hair tie from etsy; bracelets from nakimuli}

{earrings from novica; boho bag from jcpenney; sandals from amazon}

In designing a Bohemian space, your child will enjoy mixing, matching and layering...and you just might be surprised by what she comes up with. Read more about the Bohemian style and tribal textiles in my Living Style column {in July} at the Sherwin-Williams website, Stir.

Kelly Porter, designer and publisher of
Color Sizzle, is a featured contributor.

additional photo credits: fawn galli; gorgeous shiny things; you frivolous mommy; french atmosphere; alkemie; three little jewells; domino}

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