Saturday, June 12, 2010

Forest Friends Birthday Party

Forest Friends is an adorable theme for a one year old birthday party! Christy Vance came up with some fun woodland theme party ideas for her little girl's first birthday bash. So how cute is this invitation??? For the most part, all digital graphics came Kitschy Digitals   
Decorative and tasty acorns made with hershey kisses, mini Nilla wafers and itty bitty peanut butter morsels (from a sprinkle mix)
The tree stump cake- we layered 4 round cakes (chocolate, marble, chocolate, marble), as we got the top layer, the marble workings the inside of the tree was a complete happy accident (and probably my favorite part). The goodies ( red toadstool cupcakes and rounded up my families collection of garden gnomes).
Her cake- made from giant muffin mold, red out of the tube icing (yucky to eat), and white morsels

Digital woodland graphics used to make a mobile. Thank you card created with the digital graphics also.

Woodland decor.....

Terrapin Trading, C5/TDE-48254, Garden Gnome, Large

Mushroom Baby Pool 40"X X35"

9-10" Shiitake Mushroom Log

Aurora Plush Dempsey Flopsie - 12"

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