Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make Your Own "Scratch-Off" Father's Day Card

Have you ever wondered how to make a scratch off card - kind of like a scratch off lottery ticket? Well - now you can! I've included a free down loadable card for Fathers Day and also instructions on how to make scratch off stickers for the card. I came across the idea and instructions for scratch off stickers from Artmind. Repost : )
Inside of card

Supplies needed:
Silver craft paint – I purchased cheap .59 paint at Michaels Crafts
Dish washing liquid
Clear Contact paper or clear laminating sheet
Fathers Day Card - Download

Mix silver acrylic paint with dish washing liquid – 2 parts paint to 1 part liquid.
I added a drop of black paint to help darken the silver. Paint the clear laminating sheet (or whichever clear sticky paper) with your paint mixture - you might need to paint two coats. Let completely dry.

Cut out five – 2-inch circles from the sheet (I used my cricut machine) and peel off the backing. On the inside of the card, cover each printed circle with the scratch off sticker.

Include a craft stick inside the scratch off card and now it's ready to give to your favorite dad!

This is an easy project that your kids will enjoy making! Of course, you could always give the card as is… but dad will have tons of fun scratching off his fathers day card to reveal the terms of endearment. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with these scratch off stickers!

Click on image to down load the front of the fathers day card. Card stock paper is ideal for this card - regular printer paper is to lightweight.

Click on image to down load the inside of the fathers day card:

I experimented with several types of clear sticky backed plastics i.e.  contact paper, laminating sheet, mailing label and packaging tape. They all worked except the mailing label – that surface was not shiny and the paint wouldn’t scratch off. The packaging tape was easy to use if that’s all you have on hand. To make the tape easier to paint, I taped packaging tape (2 inch wide) onto wax paper and painted the silver paint mixture onto the tape. I had a laminating sheet on hand - so that's what I ended up using.

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