Thursday, May 6, 2010

DIY Ingenious Kids Craft Table

This kids craft table top was made with an inexpensive door and covered in Plexiglas - loving this!

The magazine article mentions what the homeowner created: "So Anne bought a full-sized hollow door (The Home Depot, $30) and gave the door's measurements to a local glass store, which cut a same-sized piece of Plexiglas for the top (about $60). (She also asked them to file the edges and corners smooth.) The tabletop would rest on two child-height sets of drawers.

Here's where Anne gets an A for Aesthetic. She unfurled a roll of her favorite funky wrapping paper and laid the Plexiglas over it. She cut the paper to size with a utility knife, then lifted paper and Plexiglas together (two people are better for this than one) and aligned it on top of the door. The door and Plexiglas sandwich the wrapping paper so no glue is needed. And presto: a gorgeous table worthy of a young craft goddess. (Plus, you can change the paper to vary the look as time goes by.) "

Images and info via Wondertime

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