Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mod Shabby Chic

Aaris Jackson designed a fantabulous mod shabby chic room for her little girl. Aaris explains: "My theme was a modern shabby chic girl's room. I chose a traditional shabby chic fabric, and then paired it with several bright and funky fabrics- even an animal print, to make the bed skirt, pillows, drapes and name pennant. I got the idea for the pillow at the foot of the bed from this site I believe. I already had some new furniture pieces, so I just added a few faux finished "shabby" pieces. The walls are an aqua pulled from the inspiration, the upper stripes are a mix of all the main colors, and the ceiling is a very subtle aqua (wall color mixed with white) that really brought out the molding. All of the paint colors are matched with the fabric choices. The main wall color is matched with the aqua and rose fabric featured in the bedding. If it helps, the fabric is from Tanya Wheland's Grand Revival line and is called Ava Rose in Aqua. "

Aaris painted her own art for her daughters room - fabulous!

More fantastic photos....

Thanks Aaris for sharing Madox's adorable bedroom!

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