Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kids' Built-in Beds

When I see beds like this it makes me feel like curling up with a good book. Built-in beds are perfect for kids rooms.  Kids bedrooms typically lack play area due to all the furnishings in the room and kids rooms are usually small. This bedroom set-up maximizes space - storage space becomes so efficient with built-ins.

 Built-in beds create special nooks that feel homey.

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Such an awesome western bunk room.

Create a bunk bedroom in an attic space. "Back-to-back beds fit just right in this long, narrow room, while the steeply pitched ceiling makes the space cozy for kids. Get the bunks shipshape with peek-a-boo portholes, and pump up the playfulness with whimsical patterns and tangy hues. Built-in storage maximizes limited square footage. The under-the-bed drawers are easy for kids to reach and eliminate the need for bulky dressers."

Pull-out bins below the built-in bed via

Photo by Erin McCracken
Photo by Erin McCracken
Image via here 

Don't have much space? Try this space planning with storage under the bed and desk.

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