Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Designer Blogs

Designer Blogs has been helping me fix a few items on my blog and twitter account. I have been very impressed with their quick turnaround, timely emails and attention to detail. Designer Blogs specializes in custom blog design and premade blog design for personal and business blogs hosted through blogger. Each custom design at Designer Blogs is created to reflect the style and personality of the client, rather than the designer, which is why every custom design created will always be tailor-made and 100% unique.  Erin, Amy and Lauren are the darling gals behind Designer Blogs - check them out here.  Although they didn't create the graphics on my blog - they work wonders with graphics.

I hope you like some of the changes made to Design Dazzle blog.  I would highly recommend Designer Blogs and look forward to working with them again to add a few more elements to my site.

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