Friday, March 12, 2010

Creative Decor Ideas Using Plexiglass

I never would have thought to use colored plexiglass for fab photo art. Kelee describes how to make photo plexiglass squares. Imagine using this technique with 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" squares, etc for an art gallery of kids/family photos displayed on a wall.  I also like the plexiglass hanging mobile she made that has the appearance of stained glass.

PROJECT MATERIALS: Kelee explains, "You will need colored plexiglass squares cut to 4" x 4". Key chain at desired lengths. Photos of friends and family copied on clear transparency paper. Clear drying spray adhesive. SIMPLY: Drill a hole/s in the plexi-glass; cut the image to fit the square. Apply the image by lightly dusting the plexi-glass with spray adhesive. Use key chain to link together or to hang singularly on your Christmas tree. Also, you may use a window-adhesive hook to display just one."

I checked online to find out the prices of plexiglass - a colored 12 x 12" plexiglass sheet is only a few dollars. This company sells plexiglass.

Another great idea using plexiglass is to display tons of photos

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