Thursday, January 14, 2010

Color of the Year: Turquoise!

Pantone, a leader in world color selection for interiors, fashion, accessories and even car color selections, has just announced their color of the year for 2010: Turquoise!

With the ever growing popularity of greens and blues over the past several years, in both interior design and in the fashion industry, it makes sense that the natural selection for this year would be a combination of the two colors: turquoise.

In interior design, we study the meaning of color a lot. Color can have a powerful effect on people’s moods, health and well-being. This can be true in the fashion industry as well. Granted, certain colors hold particular feelings to individual people. But this is not what I am talking about.  I mean the true study of the origin of colors and what feelings and thoughts are generally associated with the colors including any physical responses that can actually be monitored by scientific methods.

My friend Ashley wrote the above article "Color of the Year: Turquoise!"  Check out Ashley's design blog Simply Designing for the rest of the great article.

More Turqoise....

Turquoise and blue

Images from: House of Turquoise, Little Green Notebook, Bellevivir

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